My favorite SEO company website

I see TONS of websites and sometimes I’ll come across one that looks really neat. According to DailyMail, as of September 2014, more than one billion websites existed. That’s CRAZY! In the past couple years, the growth of the number of websites online has skyrocketed and continues to grow, especially with new domains available.

Given those stats, it’s not surprising that you can see TONS of websites when you are searching online. I tend to search for web design and marketing sites, and I often run into SEO companies. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, those companies work to get websites ranked higher in search engines so they can get more exposure and generate more leads and business from their website. Really interesting stuff!

For more information, here’s a short video outlining and explaining SEO.

What types of SEO sites I tend to like

I tend to like sites that are more simple and basic, yet have enough content to get the point across. While I do see some super design-heavy sites I like, I tend to favor the sites with a more minimalist look and feel. Something about cleanliness and organization makes me happy.

The best sites have a clean organizational structure that allow me (and other users) to find what they need quickly and easily. On top of that, they make it easy for me to contact them if I need to. Also, they’ll have some general details about what they do and what makes them unique, some details about their process and how they help, and probably some results or proof. After all, in a performance industry, it’s always about results.

The other thing I like to see on SEO company websites is some kind of testimonials. It gives a sense of realism and community when you can see what their previous clients have said about them.

My favorite SEO site is…

I found this site doing research for a friend of mine and I found they have a Chicago division. They have a lot of content about that division and make it really easy to get more information about them. The other thing I found was some detail about their Miami division. If you need SEO help, this looks like a proven company with previous clients and proof of their services. You can see detailed case studies with results and rankings as well.

While many websites are now using themes or other template-styles, it’s nice to see them customized from the original theme they use. In this case, it definitely involved some customization of the layout, backgrounds, colors, and buttons. It’s nice to have a flare of uniqueness and originality, especially in the overly-duplicated design industry online.

If you have any inspiration or ideas for sites you like, send them to me and I’ll be happy to take a look. I’m always excited to look at new designs and examples. Plus, maybe I can even write a feature post about a new site I like – if I actually like it!

Welcome to my site!

Hey everyone, welcome to my site. My name is Julie and I love design of all kinds – web design, print design, even marketing design. I plan to talk a bit about my design ideas and provide my thoughts and reviews of other websites or designs I think are awesome. In the meantime, here’s a SUPER helpful video if you are interested in creating a website.

If you watch that video, let me know if you have any questions. I have a lot of experience with WordPress (heck, even my site here is on WP) and can help you out.

The most important thing you need to remember is to follow the basics and make it easy for your users to find their answers when they’re on your site.

That’s all for now, have a great day!